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Today, the importance of the usage of energy resources and efficient usage and saving of energy is increased. Substantive energy utilized by building complexes is used for cooling/heating purposes. The heat loss in buildings arises from various sources: 40% through exterior walls, 30% through windows, 17% through exterior and balcony doors, 7% through roofs, and 6% through the undersides of flooring. Due to this circumstance, residences come to the forefront as the most important areas for energy saving and uPVC window

  • The system has a 125-mm wide frame and 50 mm wide sash profile.
  • It can be used with two different glazing bead profile types of 20 mm and 24 mm.
  • When the windows are closed, the insulation at all points is ensured via EPDM seals.
  • Two different aluminum rail profiles were developed for doors and windows in order to facilitate passage over thresholds.
  • The frame and sash profile of the system were connected via the welding method and the system was designed to be manufactured with the minimum amount of profile at maximum speed.
  • Since each sash can carry up to 200 kg, the system can be applied for a wide range from the smallest windows to the largest doors.


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Frame & Sash Profile width (mm)125
Interlock Seal
Number of Chambers4
Sound Insulation (db)40
Air Permeability Class4
Water Impermeability Class9A
Profile Heat Insulation (W/m2 0 k)1,70
Window Heat Insulation (W/m2 0 k)1,60
Wind Load Resistance ClassC3
Profile Class (TS 5358 EN 12608)B
Glass Thickness5,20,24
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