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uPVC Sliding Window systems consist of two main joinery types. One of these is the sliding systems due to their ease of use and the advantage of space they provide. The biggest advantage of the sliding systems is that they don’t cause space loss as their sash is opened by sliding and settled on the other sash. Besides, ease of use and aesthetic appearance are the biggest pros of sliding systems. Insulation in the sliding systems is achieved through brush systems named weather stripping and thus, insulation is lower than in normal window systems. However, BMB winhouse has reduced insulation weakness to minimum levels through its special interlock systems used in the series of 70 mm and 75 mm.

  • Winhouse sliding systems have two different types and measure 70 and 75 mm. In this way, dealers using the Selenit series of 75 mm as well as the dealers using the Garner series of 70 mm can integrate their sliding systems into the windows.
  • Sash profiles of 70 mm and 75 mm sliding systems are the same. Although their frame
    measures are different, standard sashes can be applied by using different sash closing profiles.
  • Sliding fix frame profile with lining profile which can be used to carry out sash systems whose one side is fixed and the other side is moving and has been included in the sliding system of 75 mm.
  • Our frames with fly swatter are available in our sliding systems. Moreover, sliding frames with fly swatter having lining profiles inside and outside are also available for their use in different regions.
  • Fly swatter functioning by sliding in the Classic Sliding systems can cause tension in the fly screen net when used in high measures. This situation leads to stretch in the profiles. Sliding mullion profile used in sliding sash profile has been manufactured in order to prevent this stretch.
  • For When fixed glass in the upper or lower parts of the sliding system, demanded fix profile of 70 and 75 mm has been developed to carry out an application without disrupting aesthetic appearance. Thanks to this profile, fixed glass can be manufactured through a simple application without disrupting the appearance.
  • Three different sash types of the sliding system are available. Sliding door sash profile for the joineries in high measures and new sliding sash profile together with the sliding sash profile for small measures rank among the products of the sliding systems.
  • 3 different bead profile types are available in the sliding systems of 70 and 75 mm to carry out application of single glazing of 5 mm and 20 and 24 mm of double glazing




Winhouse products are made with good quality materials and they they are less maintenance products.


Our profile are 100% lead free.  During use, they isolate from temperature and noise, optimizing energy consumption.


Our lines of profiles are completely reinforced with galvanized steel, providing resistance and safety.


Our products meet all the requirements of sizing tests, mechanical and thermal analysis, and resistance to UV rays.


Frame & Sash Profile width (mm)60
Number of Seal 22
Number of Chambers4
Sound Insulation (db)38
Air Permeability Class4
Water Impermeability Class9A
Profile Heat Insulation (W/m2 0 k)1,46
Window Heat Insulation (W/m2 0 k)1,63
Wind Load Resistance ClassC3
Wind Load Resistance Class5,20,24
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