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The Collaborative Powerhouse: BMB Tofirat Inc and Firat, Turkey:

uPVC Windows & Doors BMB Tofirat Inc, In a strategic partnership with the esteemed European company FIRAT, recognized worldwide for its elegant windows and door systems, BMB Tofirat Inc. has introduced uPVC windows and doors under the brand name BMB winhouse in the burgeoning Indian market. Additionally, BMB Tofirat Inc. belongs to the esteemed BMB Kotharis Group, a venerable organization founded by Sha Sanghvi Hirachand Kothari. 

With a 75-year history in diverse business ventures, the group’s credit includes creating a household brand in Karnataka and Goa. Additionally, BMB Tofirat Inc. has established a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant near Hubli as part of its expansion initiatives.

Firat, Turkey was established in 1972 to carry out production in the field of plastic building materials. Firat, which always sets out with the principles of quality production and product diversity, has succeeded in becoming both the leading establishment of the sector and the export leader of the sector in Turkey as a result of significant investments that have taken place over the years. 

Moreover, Firat’s production spans across various sectors, including construction, agriculture, automotive, medical, and domestic appliances. They manufacture plastic-based products in their modern factories located in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey. These facilities cover a vast area of 750,000 m2, boasting expert staff and ranking among the top three plastic production complexes in Europe.

Firat’s Focus on Sustainability and Innovation uPVC Windows & Doors

Firat, which adopted sustainability and produced more eco-friendly and innovative products in order to leave a more liveable environment to future generations, is the leader and pioneering company in the uPVC Windows & Doors sector

Furthermore, Firat’s uPVC Windows & Doors brand, winhouse, boasts a vast network of over 300 sales points in Turkey and a global presence in 88 countries. This network efficiently caters to a diverse customer base with its innovative products.

Additionally, BMB winhouse adeptly addresses the varied needs of different stakeholders, including end consumers, architects, and engineers. It accomplishes this through a range of product lines, including Diamond 60, Andes & Andes Slide, Zenia Slide, and Sliding 70, all specifically designed to offer window systems tailored to a wide array of project requirements.

Furthermore, BMB winhouse offers versatile solutions. It includes intricate auxiliary profiles for non-standard architectural designs, such as pivot, parallel sliding, and folding windows, alongside guillotines. In addition, the brand provides a diverse selection of decorative alternatives, offering an extensive palette of 21 different color options. 

BMB winhouse strictly follows international EN and TSE norms in profile production, guaranteeing top-tier quality through detailed inspections at FUDEL, the sector’s first accredited window laboratory.


With 1,850 plant employees, Firat is a modern factory of 750,000 m2 and 120 state-of-the-art extrusion lines for the production of uPVC profiles for manufacturing windows. They have a modern laboratory designed to perform various tests, which ensures a reliable and top quality product.

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