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uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC Casement Windows System, which we have designed as Winhouse, is used in narrow spaces such as kitchens and attics where it is not appropriate to open the window sash; It is a vertical sliding system that can be applied in detached houses and villas where aesthetic value is desired. In addition, uPVC window systems are preferred in the restoration process of historical buildings where the deterioration of the natural appearance is not desired.

uPVC Casement Windows System:

  • The wing can be left at the desired opening level and the wing weight up to 50 kg can be easily moved thanks to the special accessory system used.
  • Both wings can be made movable upon request.
  • Both wings can optionally switch to the transom position; Thus, while ventilation is made more effective, it is possible to facilitate cleaning.
  • Thanks to the special keyed locking system used in the system, it is safe against opening from the outside.
  • Since the bottom frame profile of the system is in the form of a windowsill, it has a decorative appearance.
  • Glass thicknesses of 5 mm – 20 mm and 24 mm can be used in the system.
  • It can be produced in the desired color and pattern with the laminated coating option.
  • With the specially designed parts, the side frame and the bottom sill profile can be easily connected to each other mechanically.
  • Thanks to the interlock system, when the wings are closed, they are interlocked and air and water permeability is prevented.



Winhouse products are made with good quality materials and they they are less maintenance products.


Our profile are 100% lead free.  During use, they isolate from temperature and noise, optimizing energy consumption.


Our lines of profiles are completely reinforced with galvanized steel, providing resistance and safety.


Our products meet all the requirements of sizing tests, mechanical and thermal analysis, and resistance to UV rays.

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